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Quite by accident he discovered her. His stone heart was thought never to beat again; now, he wonders if it will be ripped apart..

Following a series of brutal attacks at her British Columbia university, Josephine abruptly returns to England and the grandmother who raised her. She cannot dismiss the handsome face, the haunting eyes, or the disturbing feelings that are stirring deep inside.

Driven to protect the young woman from a shared past only he remembers, Ashling follows Josephine across continents. For his entire life, time has had no meaning; with her decision to return to Africa, time is of the essence.

Drawn together by events neither can control, as well as a deep connection, they are destined to discover their rightful futures and truths forgotten in the past…

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Cover Reveal: Alice of the Rocks by E. Graziani

Creating a cover for a book that’s both deeply rooted in the past and filled with technological advances is tricky at best. Being able to add a Leonardo da Vinci flare, a hint of nostalgia, and a glimpse of the future is an amazing feat. In her newest creation, Jo...

It’s Here – Buy Ebo Today!

Morning Rain Publishing presents Ebo by L. Lombard, our first international author! Our submission guidelines state that we prefer Canadian authors or strong Canadian content… so we adopted Ms. Lombard, and she provided the rest. This paranormal romance follows the...

Guest Post: L. Lombard’s Writing Process

This is a guest post by L. Lombard, author of Ebo. When asked to describe her writing process, here’s what she said: Most writers say they go through a routine before they write. After being asked about why, when, and how I write, I stopped to think about this...

Second Annual Freaky Flash Contest

It’s back! Morning Rain Publishing is proud to announce the second annual Freaky Flash Fiction Contest! Any person, any age, from anywhere around the world can enter. The five best stories will be posted here, one each day between Monday, October 27th and Friday,...

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