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Fairly Stillwart Chronicles Vol 2

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Stillwart the Pixie is back with her rag-tag group of magical friends! Determined to complete her mission to the Northern Lands, with the hope of saving her people from extinction, she ventures from Newfoundland to Ireland.

The journey is long and arduous, fraught with danger at every turn, but Stillwart and friends band together, knowing their precious cargo is needed. With only their wits, a cell phone, and the human they’ve come to rely on, the group presses forward, facing each obstacle with spritely courage. To make matters works, the call of the Thorn Tree is strong, making the expedition all the more urgent.

The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles are a series of six short stories detailing the life and adventures of Stillwart the Pixie and her adopted fairy family. The stories capture the Southern Fairy folklore by bringing to life their world, hierarchy, and the challenges they face to keep their race and magic alive.


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It’s Here – Buy The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles Vol 2 Today!

The long awaited finale of The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles has arrived! Join Princess Still, Queen Appleblossom, Nightwood the pixie knight, Queen Flóraidh, and Mr. Sooty as they continue the journey that started in Australia, had them cross the vast country of Canada, to finally see them arrive in Ireland. Determined to complete their mission to help save the Northern Fairies from extinction, they are met by many obstacles along the way. Each book in the continuation of this series introduces new characters, exciting places, and more adventures with each turn of the page. Adults and children alike will enjoy the Old World flare of spritely magic, along with the adventures travelling brings. Hold onto your pixie hats, pull up a toad stool, and brace yourselves for a fantastic adventure of the imagination. Don’t forget to follow along with The Fairly Stillwart, Volume Two blog tour to get your 20% Morning Rain Publishing promo code, and for a chance to win some great prizes. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE FAIRLY STILLWART CHRONICLES VOL... read more

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