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Their love transcends time, space, and conflict.

Alice Ferro did not travel 500 years into the past to save her soulmate from persecution only to discover her journey had been in vain! Forced to return from 1512 Italy to 2029 Canada without him, she cannot focus on family, school, or friends as thoughts of Claudio constantly flood her mind. When she discovers her love’s future is dire, Alice decides she must return to the past to save him once and for all.

With some help, a bit of deceit, and a lot of determination, Alice sets off to rescue Claudio. Unfortunately, she hadn’t planned on things going so terribly wrong, and she soon finds her own life in peril.
Written with charm and intelligence, the sequel to Alice of the Rocks encompasses everything you could want in a young adult, time-travel romance. Adventure, true love, intrigue, and dynamic characters fill the pages alongside the elegant landscape of Renaissance Italy.


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Alice—Angel of Time Cover Reveal!

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The cover reveal for Alice—Angel of Time by E. Graziani. Combining renaissance Italy with futuristic time-travel was no easy task, but our cover designer created a stunning image to encapsulate this speculative fiction...

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Surprise! New Title for E. Graziani!

It took some time, some creativity, and a lot of reader-input, but we have a title for the sequel to Alice of the Rocks! If you love time travel, adventure, romance, and elegant writing, then these books are for you. Born in 1512, but raised in 2029, Alice’s life...

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