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Dry Stories

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When I called you each morning, while it was late night to you, my body thought it was night too. Our energy levels and rhythms were the same. I could feel it over the phone, across time zones and oceans. I felt like I was still at home combing nits out of your hair and helping your brother and your cousin edge you toward a new life, a better way of life without booze. Then, one more day passed and I got enough sunshine and enough fresh air for my body to adjust. I was back in this place, I had a new rhythm of family life and work and the ways of this adopted country.

“How can I do this?” I thought. “How can I fit this responsibility in too?”

Disguised as letters to a friend in need, “Dry Stories” delves into the psyche of the main character, revealing her passions, her fears, her needs, and her desires. Separated from her home country while living abroad with her husband and children, she struggles to conform to foreign traditions, accept local customs, and maintain her identity.

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Cover Reveal: My Life Without Me

Who is the red-headed girl, staring off into the the lake? Don’t bother to ask her, because she doesn’t know her name. Living in a swirling fog of absent memories, Jamie struggles every day to remember who she is and where she’s going. As with all Morning Rain...

It’s Here – Buy Dry Stories Today!

Each work Morning Rain Publishing releases showcases the unique voices of Canadian writers. In Dry Stories, the main character reveals her passions, fears, needs, and desires in letters she writes to a friend recovering from alcoholism. Each piece of correspondence...

Better, by Chris Bostic – A Poem for National Poetry Month Day 14

In honour of National Poetry Month, my good friend, Chris Bostic wrote a poem about the anxiety of querying his second manuscript. Many days gone, there was still no reply. He was worried the sequel might not fly. Gnawing in his gut came with the email. For the whole...

A Special “Wishing Stone and Other Myths” Video Contest!

Morning Rain Publishing invites readers of The Wishing Stone and Other Myths to consider their favourite scene from the novel and recreate it via video! This could be a family, friend, or solo effort – the prize goes to the director. One video will be chosen as the...

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