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The writing world is a crazy, unstable place, but Morning Rain Publishing is here to make order out of the chaos. Find out how here.


We bring the best in unsigned Canadian books and authors direct to your eReader. Check out our latest publications and more here.


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What makes Morning Rain Publishing different from other publishers? The answer to this and other questions are answered here.

Swallow's Tail

Our Latest Book

The Swallow’s Tail – yesterday’s pivot point – tomorrow’s transformation promise.

Rone is on the cusp of devastation with the Dalin Clan at its epicentre. The realm is crumbling and each player has his own set of rules to win the game.

A new breed of genre fiction – dark, literary, and provocative – Swallow’s Tail continues the gripping saga of Rone, a unique and imaginative world even more compelling for its similarities to our own.

As World’s End draws ever nearer, it becomes clear that there is more to fear than just the dark.


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MRP Acquires The Legend Returns!

In 2013, Morning Rain Publishing introduced Ryan’s Legend, the adorable children’s book about a boy who discovers a mythical creature, befriends it, and determines to keep the secret. In 2015, we will bring you The Legend Returns, and with it, the lovable characters...

It’s Here – Buy “Swallow’s Tail” Today!

“Across the breadth of this universe, everything was possible, more vivid and varied than mortal kind had the faculty to imagine.” Risking his life and the lives of a chosen few, Warlord Gor continues his quest to save Cragholme from forces on the Outside. Rone is on...

Guest Post: Heather Grace Stewart’s Writing Process

This is a guest post by Heather Grace Stewart, author of Strangely, Incredibly Good. When asked to describe her writing process, here’s what she said: I’ve always written outdoors, surrounded by nature. At 10, I’d scribble ideas on loose-leaf paper up in the...

The Submissions Backlog

In a post earlier this year, we mentioned all the things that we have accomplished in the year that we’ve been Morning Rain Publishing. In light of all those achievements and our busy publishing schedule, we let the ball drop on our submissions. When we started this...

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