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MRP Romance Vol 2

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Snuggle up with a cozy blanket, a glass of wine, or a mug of hot chocolate, and get to know the amazing women in these romantic short stories.

From frozen toes to snowflake kisses, these stories will melt your heart with their humour, engaging characters, and romantic settings.

Filled with intriguing phone calls, coffee dates, skating lessons, pet rescues, and swing dancing, there’s much to be experienced between the pages of this romantic compilation.

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We’ve Made It Super Easy to Get Our Posts and Comment!

One of the things we want to do here at MRP is make your life easier and less busy (so you can enjoy that time reading our books!). To help with that, we want to make it really easy to not only receive our latest news, but also leave a comment about it. Our intrepid...

It’s Here – Buy “Romance Short Stories Vol 2″ Today!

Snuggle up with a cozy blanket, a glass of wine, or a mug of hot chocolate, and get to know the amazing women in these romantic short stories. Focused on her career, Shelley nearly misses her opportunity for love. After accepting a strange request from her boss, Katie hopes she has made the right decision. Amy was about to swear off men until a sweet stranger enters he life. Understanding they are two very different people, Lisa hopes she can work things out with her boyfriend. When an enigmatic stranger forces himself into her life, Emma struggles to come to terms with her attraction for him.

Guest Post: Lisa Toohey’s Writing Process

This is the final ‘Writing Space’ guest post. When asked to describe her writing process, here’s what Lisa Toohey, author of Escaping Ivernee, said: When I sit down to write, I don’t often sit in the same place twice. I’m a pretty...

Romantic Short Stories Cover Design – Refreshing

Last year Morning Rain Publishing put out a call for Romantic Short Stories. We received several and as a result we published a Romantic Short Story anthology. We are looking for Romantic Short Stories this year as well. For these stories, I was required to create...

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