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The writing world is a crazy, unstable place, but Morning Rain Publishing is here to make order out of the chaos. Find out how here.


We bring the best in unsigned Canadian books and authors direct to your eReader. Check out our latest publications and more here.


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What makes Morning Rain Publishing different from other publishers? The answer to this and other questions are answered here.

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A dragon threatens the quiet solitude of the quiet farming town of Medir! While the townsfolk enjoy the anonymity of their humble existence, the dragon lures adventurous travellers and would-be slayers to pass through The Broken Axle, the only tavern in town.

This high-fantasy novel brings to life a lively array of characters ranging from brave knights to talented wizards to powerful elves, bearing ensorcelled weapons and curses, all on personal quests to seek fame and fortune by killing a dragon.

Determined to stop these adventurers from certain death, Tevard, the owner of the Broken Axle, instructs his barmaid, Lorrie, to discourage the travellers from their doomsday dreams. As each traveller’s story is exposed, pieces of the puzzle come together, culminating in the revelation of the ultimate secret.


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