Or rather… a webzine.

Starting January 1st, 2014 MRP will be distributing a magazine via email every three months. Signing up for the magazine will mean that every time we have a new issue, you will be emailed a link, which takes you to a downloadable PDF file.

That’s the boring info, on to the good stuff.

Each issue will contain a list of books that MRP has published or has lined up to publish in the near future. It will also include contest announcements, short stories, a getting to know the MRP staff section, and little snippets of personal details on the MRP authors.

If you wish to subscribe to this electronic magazine, AKA ‘webzine’, please email mag@morningrain.ca

It’s absolutely free; it’s just a nice way to keep everything together.

Have a question for the MRP staff and/or authors? Email us!

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