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Long story short

The writing world is a crazy, unstable place, but Morning Rain Publishing is here to make order out of the chaos. Established in 2013, we’re more than a small, independent press. We focus on bringing unique stories to life and encourage authors in their writing endeavours.

While we’re celebrating Canadian authors, writers aren’t limited to Canadian content. Honestly, we don’t care if your story is set close to home, in another country, or in an alternate reality. If you’re Canadian, we want to read your books.

We are not a vanity press, however we are a hybrid publisher, offering both traditional contracts and publishing services to authors. When we offer a publishing contract, we do not charge for services, and we work closely with our authors to ensure quality products. Knowing how important content control is to writers, and how the publishing world is evolving, we also provide professional, affordable services, giving authors the opportunity to self-publish with confidence.


MRP values author input for editing, cover design, and formatting. Teamwork is essential to our organization, and we encourage our authors to treat us, and each other, like family. With access to online discussion groups, and through support and education, we strive to help Canadian authors grow by providing an inviting, familial environment. We want to read and share your shorts, your longs, and all the writing in between.

Ready to publish? Visit our submissions page to find out what we’re looking for and when our next call for submissions will be, or check out our services page to discover how we can help.

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Our Team

Meet the ladies behind Morning Rain Publishing. We’re ready to make you shine.

Jaclyn Brown
Acquisitions Editor / Website Manager
B.Sc., Honours Science, University of Waterloo

Jaclyn’s experience as a business analyst brings organization, continuity, and integrity to the Morning Rain Publishing team. As Acquisitions Editor, she is the first to screen, review, and accept short stories, novellas, and novels for publication.

Since MRP’s inception, she has considered over 200 titles, tracked all submissions, and responded to each author. She also provides content, copy, and line editing services, ensuring all MRP titles are released with the attention to detail they deserve.

In addition to her editing responsibilities, Jaclyn maintains the MRP website, including frequent blog updates, product catalogs, and SEO content.

To keep her editing and writing careers separated, she writes under the pen name Jaclyn Aurore. Her publications include The Starsville Saga (Starting Over, Standing Up), Letters and Illusions, My Life Without Me, and Britney Fairweather’s Tall Tales.

Joanne Kasunic
Art Director / Graphic Artist
B.Env.Sc., Honours Geography, University of Waterloo

Joanne is Morning Rain Publishing’s in-house Art Director & Graphic Artist. Her responsibilities include designing book covers, creating promotional images, and formatting digital and print publications.

She has spent over 20 years perfecting her skills with Adobe Creative Cloud software, 3D Studio Max, DAZ 3D, and Microsoft Office, giving MRP the edge in unique, creative design.

In addition to over 40 book covers commissioned by MRP, Joanne has freelance book covers available through Self-Pub Book Covers and 3D illustrations listed on Shutterstock and Dreamstime stock photo websites. During her career, she has created flyers, graphics, online advertising in the form of animated graphics and social networking images.

Joanne delivers professional, eye-catching images specific to each author’s needs.

Jennifer Jaquith
Content Editor / Publisher
B.A., Honours English, University of Western Ontario

As the primary Copy and Content Editor for Morning Rain Publishing, Jennifer has reviewed and analysed over 200 manuscripts and provided skilled edits for over 30 works. With previous work experience as a technical writer and copywriter, Jennifer is proficient at editing fiction, non-fiction and creative non-fiction pieces.

In addition to MRP titles, she has worked on the best-selling novels of Heather Grace Stewart: Strangely, Incredibly Good, Remarkably Great, and The Ticket along with Claire Handscombe’s Walk with Us: How The West Wing Changed Our Lives.

Jennifer is also the author of three women’s fiction novels (Newvember, Reflections, and Money, Masks & Madness), two romantic short stories (Under the Stars and Seven Seconds), and a YA fantasy series (Liminal Lights and Shadow Shifts).

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