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Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.
What makes Morning Rain Publishing different from any other publisher?

We’re prettier.

Also, we give honest, prompt feedback (see our self-imposed deadlines), and take care to work closely with our authors toward the finished product. No form letters here!

Are you a vanity press? Do you charge authors money for services?
No. When we offer a publishing contract, we provide editorial services, formatting, cover design, and marketing at no charge to the author. If you hire us for our services, you retain the rights to your work and can publish elsewhere.
Do you offer advances?
No, not at this time. However, please keep in mind that if the author isn’t making money, then we aren’t either.
Do you publish books in print?
Yes, but occasionally the digital book is released prior to the print version. We distribute via Ingram, and our print books are available on Amazon, Chapters online, and most online bookstores.
I want to purchase an e-book from your site. How will I receive the file?
Select the way you would like to purchase the book (Amazon, Indigo/Chapters, etc.), and you will be directed to that vendor for distribution.
Do I have to be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident in order to submit?

At this time, the majority of our works are by Canadian authors. However, we have been known to make exceptions for Canadian content. For example, if you’re an Australian who travelled to Canada and had the time of your life, and were inspired to write a fictional story about it, please feel free to submit. If you have a story called “Tales of the Canadian Leprechaun,” please feel free to submit.

Make sure to review our submissions guidelines prior to submitting your manuscript.

I am a Canadian, but my stories are not about Canada, can I still submit?
Yes. Just be sure to follow the submission guidelines.
Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts?
Yes. In fact, we only accept unsolicited manuscripts/short stories/novellas. At this time we are not accepting agent recommendations.
My manuscript (short story, novella, novel, etc.) has been published in the past; can I submit it to Morning Rain Publishing?
No. Sorry, we are only publishing stories that have not previously been published.
What is a SASE?
It’s a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope. This way we can just stuff an envelope and place it in the mailbox without having to find your name and address, or worry about weight for sufficient postage.
What is this ‘New Adult’ genre?
It is a relatively new genre, describing the reader. Basically if the reader is new to adulthood (aged 18-25), then the book falls into the New Adult genre. The rule of thumb is that the reader is the same age as the main character(s). This is a rule, not a law, go ahead and break it.
Do you accept collections of short stories?

Yes and no. We are happy to review a collection of short stories by the same author. If there are multiple authors, however, each author must submit their own works separately, and there are no guarantees that all authors will be published.

Make sure to review our submissions guidelines prior to submitting your manuscript.

Do you accept series submissions?

Yes, but they need to be submitted individually. Please make sure to outline in your query letter, that what you are submitting is part of a series.

Make sure to review our submissions guidelines prior to submitting your manuscript(s).

Do you accept cross genre submissions?
Absolutely. As long as it’s well written, we’ll read it. See our submission page for what we’re accepting, but if you find that your work is a Young Adult romance with an element of adventure, a dash of mystery, and a hint of ‘scary at times’ – send it our way. Who says books have to fit a certain mould? Just be clear in your synopsis.
How long before I receive a response for my query?

We generally try to respond to all queries within four to six weeks of receipt. If we request a full manuscript we will respond within five weeks. From time to time, we do fall behind. We will respond to all queries though, so please be patient. If you have followed our guidelines, and it has been more than six weeks, please feel free to send a follow up email.

Make sure to review our submissions guidelines prior to submitting your manuscript. If your submission is missing information that we have requested, or you have included an attachment, it is possible that your email was ignored or directed to our junk mail without opening. Therefore, if you follow our guidelines, you should receive a response in the time frame noted above.

Where can I purchase books that MRP has published? If I become an MRP author where will my books be sold?

Our eBooks will be available on Amazon, Kobo, and almost all online bookstores. Be sure to subscribe to our blog, so that you don’t miss our announcements.

How can I subscribe to your blog?
Click here to subscribe to our blog.
How does MRP provide marketing for their authors, and do you expect the authors to self-promote?
Some of our marketing strategies include, but are not limited to: Posters, Press Releases, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and reaching out to online book reviewers. Each book is as unique as its author, and sales depend on market, author engagement, and of course, salability. Having a strong fan base works to attract readers, combined with MRP marketing strategies, which increase every day, we expect our authors and their books to succeed. After all, if they aren’t making money, then neither are we. We view all our contracts like a partnership.
What services do your provide your authors?
Professional cover design, professional content editing, professional line editing, professional formatting (for PDF, ePub and Mobi), distribution, and marketing. Each manuscript is assigned a minimum of two editors, which ensures we turn out a polished document every time.
I have a question that’s not answered above, how can I contact you?
Please visit our contact page, thanks!

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