An Eagle's Heart by Scott ButcherHere it is! Morning Rain’s first publication of 2014: “An Eagle’s Heart” by Scott Butcher. This fast-paced book is filled with murder and mayhem – perfect for the adventurous, nature-loving tween.

“In a single act of defiance, the Merlin Falcon kills an egg-snatcher. The crows, who are indiscriminate killers and friends with none, are bent on revenge. The vengeful Grandfather Crow maims a Chickadee and gives the tiny bird a terrible choice. He must find and betray the Merlin Falcon or every bird in his grove will die. The small Merlin might have the heart of an Eagle, but he cannot stand against the egg-snatchers alone. Will the birds be able to band together, friend and foe, to deal with the murder of crows?”

“An Eagle’s Heart” is currently available for purchase via Amazon, Kobo, or right here at the MRP website. Other platforms will be announced as they become available.


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