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This is the final ‘Writing Space’ guest post. When asked to describe her writing process, here’s what Lisa Toohey, author of Escaping Ivernee, said:

When I sit down to write, I don’t often sit in the same place twice. I’m a pretty scattered person, and so where I sit really depends on my mood. There are half a dozen places you better check if you want to catch me hard at work! If I ever lost my laptop I’d become a very unproductive writer.

You’ll most often find me, said laptop in hand, buried under a pile of blankets on my super comfy couch. I might be at the kitchen table trying to squeeze in a few words while I prep dinner or a fantastic dessert (my latest masterpiece was the ever daunting Christmas fruitcake). When it’s not freezing cold outside, I like to sit on my deck and watch my dog romp in his wonderful new yard, or out on my enclosed porch on the cushions I made last summer. You may also find me in the local coffee shops, especially during NaNoWriMo, surrounded by other writers. You may even find me typing away with two fingers on my phone in the car… like right now!

Wherever you find me, there is likely to be music blasting, and usually it’s one or two songs I feel fit the novel on repeat.

My newest writing space is the desk my husband and I are building into a convenient nook in our bedroom. It’s going to be my ‘serious’ workspace. The goal is to keep it free(er) of clutter and distractions, so I can better focus on my course work and writing deadlines.

I keep a journal nearby in case I’m inspired to start writing, but I’ll often let them percolate in my head for a long time before I even set pen to paper (or hands to keys). I think my subconscious writes stories a lot better than I do. I’ll often have seeds of ideas appear in my crazy dreams, then the whole stories reappear from my mind, fully formed, after I’ve given myself time to ‘work’ on it.

I would get an awful lot more writing done if I just gave all the cooking/sewing/renovating a rest, but I did say I was a rather scattered person, didn’t I? I think I need all those distractions to give my subconscious mind some time to get its own work done!

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