Crossing Limbo: Deep Moments, Shallow Lives by Shane Joseph is available today from your favourite online retailer in both print and eBook formats! This collection of 13 short stories will hold you captive as each character wades through their personal limbo, searching for answers, hoping for light, and wondering, for better or worse, if they will make it to the other side.

Don’t take our word for it! Early reviews on Goodreads are testimony to the compelling content you’ll discover.

“This is a compulsively readable collection; despite the unpalatable character of some of the tales, you can’t let them go without seeing what happens.” ~ Werner A. Lind, Goodreads ~

“What I found most delightful as I read through this baker’s dozen of yarns are the tips for survival the author passes on as his characters explore the minefields of sex and ambition afflicting those in midlife crises.” ~ Ben Antao, Goodreads  ~

“Heart-wrenching in places, it is my hope that these stories will help us understand and reach out to the many Justines, Morgans, Jims, and Ritas of this world.” ~ Keith Wijesuriya, Goodreads  ~

“After about the second story, the reader is so hooked, so dizzy with curiosity about how the next one could possibly turn on that stiletto point he has inserted into each one, that the pages fly by.” ~ Jacob Hogeterp, Goodreads  ~

“The stories take you on a rollercoaster ride through a myriad of situations and life choices – tantric sex, immigrant experiences, Holocaust survivors, serial killers and more – and the range of emotions that go along with these circumstances.” Michael, Goodreads  ~

For more information, or to purchase your copy, please visit the book page!

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