Deep Calling by J.M. LavalleeJ.M. Lavallee is back with an incredible book for Young Adult readers. Deep Calling blends Celtic myth with modern emotions to bring you a paranormal page-turner. Raised by her fisherman grandfather, at 17, Melanie is an independent, strong young woman determined to stay close to the sea. When a voice on the wind captures her attention, she realizes that neither she, nor the folks of Hailey’s Round, Quebec, are safe.

Enthralled by the Tuatha De Danann Sea King, Manannan, Melanie fights to retain control. She finds herself caught between Manannan’s desperate search for his soul mate, Fand, and Rhiannon, the vengeful human-slaver. Only Melanie can keep the small town and its people safe, but she risks losing everything she loves, including her boyfriend, Shawn.

Determined to reclaim a forgotten past, the future, and her connection to the Deep, Melanie ignores the warnings of everyone around her. She can’t let the Tuatha De Danann destroy her home when she can stop it.

J.M. Lavallee writes haunting stories set on the Lower North Shore of Quebec, a unique region in Canada that is rich with Celtic folklore and Irish traditions. Devoted to literature, J.M. spends much of her time reading, writing, and imagining, while working as a preschool instructor and Kindergarten assistant in Grovedale, Alberta. She is also the author of The Wishing Stone and Other Myths, Lessons Learned on Gull Cliff Island (Morning Rain Publishing, 2015).



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