True love, that blessèd arrangement, that dream within a dream… oh wait—this isn’t about the Princess Bride; it’s another kind of love story, altogether. One about strong female characters, revenge, soulmates, and determination. One that takes us on a journey from Canada to England to Africa and revisits characters we’ve come to know and love.

We told you it was coming, and now it’s here—the compelling sequel to Ebo, by L. Lombard. Night Orchid continues the story of Josey and Ashling as they discover his creator, Sophia, is back with a vengeance. To complicate matters, Josey’s supernatural heritage is growing stronger, and vampire hunters have been alerted to her existence. In a bid to defeat Sophia once and for all, with Kiki, Francis, and Etienne in tow, they travel back to Africa, seeking shelter with the Ashanti tribe. As the danger builds, so does their love for each other, but the trials and tribulations of dealing with Sophia and the hunters challenge their bond. They have the strength and intelligence to overcome her, but will their love prevail through it all?

Night Orchid and Ebo are available in digital format from Amazon, Kobo, and Chapters Online. Watch for the print format, coming soon, available to order from most online and independent bookstores.


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