nightorchidcominsoonMark your calendars! The sequel to the best-selling YA Paranormal Romance, Ebo, by L. Lombard is coming February 2017.

Wanting only to settle into a life of normalcy—as normal as possible with a 180-year-old vampire—Josey and Ebo are horrified to discover that Sophia, Ebo’s creator, is back and looking for revenge.

Concerned about keeping her friends and family safe, they return to the wilds of Africa, hoping the Ashanti tribe will provide them shelter, only to be turned away because of Ebo’s dark powers. Frustrated and afraid, Ebo and Josey must work together to defeat Sophia once and for all.

The only question is, will their love prevail the turmoil?

Lombard lives in Mexico where she works as a teacher. Author of the paranormal YA romance, Ebo, and the short story With My Consent, Night Orchid is her second novel to be published by Morning Rain Publishing.

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