This is a guest post by Jaclyn Aurore, author of several novels and short stories published by Morning Rain Publishing. We’ve asked her to write weekly posts for the month of November, talking about her ‘National Novel Writing Month‘, AKA NaNo, experience. She agreed only on the condition that these posts would count towards her word quota.

Week One NaNo Update

The first week of NaNo is always the most exciting. We start with a bang, and maybe even get ahead… By day five, our fingers hurt, our brains hurt, and we’ve run out of coffee at least twice – but thankfully the local Tim Horton’s is open 24 hours and we can plug in our laptops to recharge while we recharge… and type. Because the typing doesn’t stop. Ever. Or at least until the second week when we hit our first block.

I’m getting ahead though and talking about the future… which is funny, because I’ve made several references to the future in this new short story I’m working on.

The point of the weekly update is to talk about where we are and what we’re proud of… or not proud of… the point is to encourage each other, no matter where we are or what our goals are, we need to keep on keeping on.

So, without further ado, I’ll be the first to announce that as I write this post, my word count is currently sitting at 5,388 words (and counting). If I were on track, it’d be closer to 8,000 but that’s okay. I am where I am and I am proud. Because I haven’t quit, and I haven’t got discouraged.

When I asked the ladies of MRP how their book projects are going, and where they are at in the NaNo challenge, and here’s what they said:

Joanne – “My word count is 2,580. I feel unmotivated, but I’m pretty happy with my story so far.”

Jennifer – “At this moment my word count is 11,746… I was aiming for 12,000, but it probably won’t happen tonight as Paul has a hockey game. I’m feeling emotionally overwhelmed – in four days my Main Character has lost her entire family, been abducted by humans, made friends with a telepathetic snake, been shot at, watched her only friend disintegrate, and been locked in an invisible box…”

I had to cut Jennifer off as she was using up too many words. Didn’t she realize that she would have met her own personal goal of 12,000 had she just wrote her story instead of the email to me?? Silly girl.

Having said that, she boosted the word count in my post, soooo – woohoo, I am now at 5,600 words! Go me!

And go everyone else!!! Good for you for setting writing goals, whatever they may be. Keep at it!

Jaclyn AuroreAbout the author: Jaclyn Aurore is the author of The Starsville Saga (Starting Over, Standing Up, Giving In, Hanging On, Leaving Behind), short story Letters and Illusions, and has recently published the stand alone fantasy, My Life Without Me, as well as several of Britney Fairweather’s Tall Tales with MRP.

Among the other hats she wears, her favourite are that of ‘wife’ and ‘mother’.

When she’s not hanging out with her Mary Kay girlfriends in Ontario, Canada, Jaclyn can be found at Williams Coffee Pub, caffeinated beverage in hand, working on her next novel. You can learn more about Jaclyn on her website and her Facebook Page.

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