This is a guest post by Jaclyn Aurore, author of several novels and short stories published by Morning Rain Publishing. We’ve asked her to write weekly posts for the month of November, talking about her ‘National Novel Writing Month‘, AKA NaNo, experience. She agreed only on the condition that these posts would count towards her word quota.

Well this week was for sure interesting. Not one day, apart from yesterday, did I meet my daily quota of words.

Remember, each day we strive to type the minimum of 1,667 words so that after 30 consecutive days (Nov 1 to Nov 30), we will hit our 50,000 word goal.

Some days we do better, some worse, but hopefully it will average out to 50k or November 30th will be a day of mad typing right up until midnight!

Well there have been a couple days this week when I only managed a measly 500 words. 500!

I’m proud of myself regardless, as every day I’ve managed to type something. For me, that’s what this is about. Getting me up and at it again.

As you may have noticed from my most recent blog posts, I’ve had some big life changes recently, and I’ve had to put the penmanship of Jaclyn Aurore on the sidelines.

But I’m committed to this November Challenge, dangnam it!

I’m going to insert a bit of a tangent story here, but I’ll bring it around full circle in a moment. Bear with me.

The “Keys” to Writing Success

Since I’d fallen behind by a few days, I knew that Thursday would have to be my huge catch-up day or else I’d have very little to blog about today.

Well, it just so happened that I had a big meeting in Toronto that required me to take a train to. That’s a solid hour commute each way – so I packed a pen and paper and I would write, write, write!

Except that didn’t happen.

Anyone who knows me would naturally expect one of two things would keep me from writing on the train. Either I fell asleep instead, or I spent the entire trip talking to whoever happened to sit next to me.

Well, not this time.

No no.

Just as I was getting out of the car, (parked at the train station), juggling a coffee and a Fall coat, a gust of wind pushed my car door shut.

Notice, I did not mention the juggling of car keys?

That’s right, I locked my keys and purse in the car. I had no cell phone, no money, nothing… but at least I had coffee, because it would be a long freaking morning while I waited for a solution to arrive.

Anyhoo, I’ll blog about that on my own time, but I will say that the end result landed me back at home, Toronto’s meeting never took place, and I had no opportunity to write, write, write. Hmph.

Encouragement is No Friend of Procrastination

So I’m still days behind, but Thursdays are good write nights, so I did manage to exceed the daily quota at least.

I’m still working towards the ‘where I should be’ mark, but I’m close. I’ve surpassed the halfway mark, and I’m in the 26k range! Go me!!! Super proud. That’s a new badge on my NaNo profile page, thank you very much!

Jennifer, of course, is kicking major NaNo butt this year and has already reached 38,743 words and counting.

Jo, unfortunately, has not had much success since the last update. She has plenty of valid reasons for being unable to write… a car incident… a relatively new job… and school work. You know, school work always trumps hobbies… sad but true.

Anyhoo, unlike Jennifer and I, she’s actually not procrastinating, she’s just overworked and too busy. But she’ll catch up. I have faith.

For fun though, I asked the ladies what their biggest procrastination tactics are – because I have trouble focusing on my Word Document when I have access to the internet.

That always lands me in hot water (not sure if that’s the right analogy here, but I’m going for it on account of my brain being too tired to come up with a synonym for trouble.)

Jo agreed. Apparently Facebook Games are her weakness.

Jennifer provided me this photo… I’m not sure what it means, but it can’t be good.


So that’s it for this week. How’s everyone else doing in the land of NaNo? What about outside the land of NaNo?

For those of you not participating in the November Challenge, we haven’t forgotten about you! What’s it like on the outside?

Jaclyn AuroreAbout the author: Jaclyn Aurore is the author of The Starsville Saga (Starting Over, Standing Up, Giving In, Hanging On, Leaving Behind), short story Letters and Illusions, and has recently published the stand alone fantasy, My Life Without Me, as well as several of Britney Fairweather’s Tall Tales with MRP.

Among the other hats she wears, her favourite are that of ‘wife’ and ‘mother’.

When she’s not hanging out with her Mary Kay girlfriends in Ontario, Canada, Jaclyn can be found at Williams Coffee Pub, caffeinated beverage in hand, working on her next novel. You can learn more about Jaclyn on her website and her Facebook Page.

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