This is a guest post by Jaclyn Aurore, author of several novels and short stories published by Morning Rain Publishing. We’ve asked her to write weekly posts for the month of November, talking about her ‘National Novel Writing Month‘, AKA NaNo, experience. She agreed only on the condition that these posts would count towards her word quota.

Week Two NaNo Update

The second week of NaNo has been a completely different experience for me. This year I promised myself to write 50,000 words in the month of November, but I was not going to focus on content or quality. I was just going to write. No matter how childish or meaningless, no matter how real and eloquent, I was just going to write whatever the heck my fingers wanted to type.

And I’ve had some great gems like, “After extensive tests, it was undetermined whether or not the person was alive at the time of death.”
I laughed as I typed it knowing full well that everyone is alive at the time of death. That night I was in a silly mood, and I let it show through the work I wrote.

But this week, I did something different. I wrote my story. From time to time I share personal things, but this one took everything out of me. As I typed, I kept my word, to continue typing no matter what came out. It’s November after all, and every word counts.
If you haven’t already seen this blog post, please have a look. It means the world to me, sharing this very private thing. Since writing it, I’ve had an outpouring of comments and support from people all over, people who have never met me, people who have no reason to speak to me…

No Regrets

I must have said something important, because this one post has spread so far and so fast, that I’m overwhelmed. But I have no regrets. Yes, I shared something personal, but it was in my heart. Now if only I could count all the comments I’ve returned as part of my word count for NaNo, I’d be well ahead of the game. Sadly, I’m only at the 17,500 mark when I should be closer to 20,000 by now. But I have no regrets. Everything I’ve written, no matter how strange or motivational, has been for a reason, has been with purpose. And I’m proud to say that I’m doing this NaNo journey!

My lady friends at MRP are also on the journey. Jo is having fun taking risks and bouncing between multiple stories as she increases her word count. She has passed the 6,000 mark (6,285 words) and is having fun.
Jennifer has passed us all no doubt… I’m still waiting for her count…

Update: Jennifer decided to keep on typing while I was writing this and only just now gave her word count. It’s 25,103. Wow. Not only is she on track, she’s ahead! Good job, girl! When I asked what her favourite part of this process has been so far, she replied, “Making stuff up… literally. New words, new weapons, new creatures, new history for planet Earth… it’s so much awesomeness and makes me ridiculously happy.”

I love that my word count is now almost 18,000. Thanks Jenn!

Jaclyn AuroreAbout the author: Jaclyn Aurore is the author of The Starsville Saga (Starting Over, Standing Up, Giving In, Hanging On, Leaving Behind), short story Letters and Illusions, and has recently published the stand alone fantasy, My Life Without Me, as well as several of Britney Fairweather’s Tall Tales with MRP.

Among the other hats she wears, her favourite are that of ‘wife’ and ‘mother’.

When she’s not hanging out with her Mary Kay girlfriends in Ontario, Canada, Jaclyn can be found at Williams Coffee Pub, caffeinated beverage in hand, working on her next novel. You can learn more about Jaclyn on her website and her Facebook Page.

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