Josephine remains unaware of the powers that observe her.

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In the wilds of Africa, Ebo is determined to keep Josey safe as her latent vampire instincts begin to awaken. Inexplicably drawn together, their love strengthens, threatening to melt Ebo’s stone-cold heart.

The fragmented memories and strange premonitions become stronger every day, and the sense of something missing and slightly out of reach keeps her on edge. She cannot dismiss the handsome face, the haunting eyes, or the feelings that are stirring deep inside. It’s time to seek answers. Compelled to return to Africa, she is convinced that there is more to the wild animal attack that left her orphaned as a child.

Driven to protect the young woman from a shared past that only he remembers, Ashling risks revealing his nature as he follows Josephine across continents. For his entire life, time has had no meaning; with her decision to return to Africa, time is of the essence.

Drawn together by events neither can control, as well a deep connection, Ashling will discover if his stone heart will beat again, or slowly be torn apart.

About L. Lombard

L. Lombard signs for Morning Rain PublishingL. Lombard loves the power of words, possibilities, and imagination. She spends her days helping elementary and middle school students develop a love of literacy. When not teaching, L. Lombard can be found either reading a great book, or writing her own.

Surrounded by wonderful friends and beautiful mountains, she lives in Monterrey, Mexico with her husband, two children, and many pets. You can find out more about this author on her website and her Facebook page.

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