Few Far Fallen

Even a tale of World’s End needs a beginning.

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Even a tale of World’s End needs a beginning.

Rone, once a continent of austere beauty and mighty nations, slides inexorably toward dissolution. The Dalin Clan, led by their conflicted Warlord, Gor, live in the shadow of their former power, their bloody, warlike culture, no proof against murder and treason. Rivals see in the Clan’s fading might an opportunity to settle ancient vendettas, even as unseen forces from beyond the World of Men look to usher in the end of days – from the Outside, where the Fallen abide.

A Warlord who values life, even as his humanity is constantly denied; a crippled bard, blind to his inner beauty, worthy of every song; a Seer, unable to see what is coming, but asked to guide his people. They are among the company of the few, the far fallen, and they are all that stands against the chaos that seeks their end.

Literary-leaning and tragic, beautifully described and compellingly written, “Few Far Fallen” presents a world as complex, flawed, and real as the characters that inhabit it. Discover why it is only against darkness that light can be seen, and why even endings have a beginning.

About William Carson

William CarsonWilliam Carson loves stories. His earliest memories are of furtive nights spent under blankets, reading in the glow of a flashlight, wide-eyed in tired wonder. Remorseless badgering of his parents led to a copy of the Hobbit at age five, and a lifetime’s immersion into speculative fiction.

Author of Few Far Fallen, Book One of the Rone Cycle, William spends his working days in architectural practice, contributing to the world of buildings. In between being a husband and a dad, he fills his nights and weekends with what writing he can; still building, but of a different sort: a building of worlds. William hopes to add his own stories to a wondrous tapestry, the first strands of which were woven around fires long ago, told to rapt listeners, wide-eyed in tired wonder.

He lives in Winnipeg, Canada, with his wife and young daughter. You can read more from Carson on his Facebook page and Tumblr blog.

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