Last year Morning Rain Publishing put out a call for Romantic Short Stories. We received several and as a result we published a Romantic Short Story anthology. We are looking for Romantic Short Stories this year as well. For these stories, I was required to create several book covers that said “romance” to our readers.

The anthology consists of 5 stories by several authors including:

Letters & Illusions by Jaclyn Aurore

Under The Stars by Jennifer Bogart

Happy Enough by Anita Dolman

Extra-Large Double-Double by L.J. Ivers

Escaping Ivernee by Lisa Toohey

The stories are different, ranging from dystopian romance to contemporary romance, but their underlying theme is the same. I sought to keep a similar look and feel of the covers so that readers would know the stories were from the same anthology but could also be bought separately.

The main anthology graphic consisted of a couple in a romantic embrace surrounded by pretty bokeh (out of focus parts of an image that make nice highlights of colour). I used a romantic font called “Sail” for both the title and the Author’s names. The result was a sigh-inducing scene. For the rest of the stories, I chose to use the same basic header, font and style, while selecting stock images pertaining to the stories themselves.


When Morning Rain held our online Facebook Christmas Party of 2014, we decided to refresh the short stories covers as a way to celebrate our romantic writers. I decided to use a more modern font for the redesign, bringing our stories into 2015 with a more current look.

The new font is called “Amatic SC” and it widely used on many New Adult romantic stories. In some cases, such as the ‘Happy Enough’ story, I changed the main image for the refresh. I felt that the first image wasn’t as romantic as it could be, so I chose a snuggling couple on a bench and switched up the colours.

In another story, ‘Letters & Illusions’, the main image was also not romantic enough, so it was switched with a handsome man and pretty woman who are obviously in love. All the other stories, Extra-Large Double-Double, Under The Stars, and Escaping Ivernee, I felt the main image was well suited for the story, so I kept the image and only switched up the fonts.


With the new covers, comes a new way to find these stories. They are all available on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. This week’s cover design discussion was slightly different from my other blog posts and I hope you enjoyed learning how we refreshed our Romantic Shorts.

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