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Before Contracting Editing Services

Before contracting editing services, make sure you’ve done the best you can with the resources you have. There’s no point in paying for services that you can do for yourself.

  1. Deconstruct your novel:

Start by rereading your work and writing down one to three sentences about the major plot points in each chapter. If the events of the chapter do not move the plot forward, or help with character development, then you might need to rework or remove the chapter. Don’t worry about the length of the novel as much as the flow and quality of each scene. Depending on the genre, most novels are 50,000 to 100,000 words in length (chick lit, romance, and young adult books lean toward being shorter than fantasy).

  1. Remove repetition:

Repetition sneaks up in books unexpectedly. Watch for recurring words and phrases. Remove unnecessary backstory that is revealed naturally as the novel progresses. Repetition of scenes, dialogue, and action make the novel drag.

  1. Get feedback:

It’s difficult to share unedited, unpolished work, but your friends and family will understand and most will be happy to help you out. Find a couple of people you trust, ask them to be brutally honest, and get them to critique the plot and character development. The focus shouldn’t be on grammar (although it helps to have another set of eyes); it should be on how engaging the story is, if it makes sense, and if the characters are relatable.

  1. Polish it:

Don’t worry about the length of the novel, but do make sure the work is as polished as you can make it. You don’t want to pay an editor for the things you can accomplish.

When you think you’ve done the best you can, you’re ready to move forward…

Basically, there are two viable choices for authors. You can self-publish (otherwise known as Independently publishing), or you can search out a traditional publisher. Depending on the publisher, you might need an agent to help with submissions to traditional publishers, and some agents will recommend basic edits or content changes in order to keep with market trends. If you’d like to find out if your book is ready for submission, we have consulting services that can help with your decision.

Morning Rain Publishing also offers services for authors who would prefer to go the self-publishing route. With the rise of eBooks, many authors find self-publishing a better option. Authors retain control of their publishing rights, content, and marketing.

Editing Services:

The first thing you should do is write a quick synopsis of your novel, so we know what the book is about before reviewing it. This is helpful to both the writer and the editor in order to stay on track. It will also help prepare you for submitting to traditional publishers, should you decide to go that route.

To determine the level of editing required, we will do a sample edit of up to 2,000 words. After an in-depth analysis of your writing, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate quote based on your individual needs. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our consulting services that offers a sample edit of up to 5,000 words. The fee for the consulting services will be credited to your account, should you decide to use MRP’s editing services after consultation.

MRP rates are competitive to Canadian industry standards.

  1. Content/Structural Editing ($0.035 per word, or $8.75 for 250 words, or approximately 4-5 pages per hour—250 words is one standardized page):

Content editing, often referred to as structural editing, is the most time-consuming, in-depth editing service. The editor starts by reading the entire work, taking notes, and deciding what works and what doesn’t regarding plot and character development, industry trends, marketability, believability, and reader engagement. Basically, they deconstruct the work, recommend changes, and help tighten everything up. The notes are sent to the author, with suggested edits. Once the author has completed their edits, the editor reviews the entire novel again to ensure consistency, continuity, and flow. While doing this, they will watch for repetition, try to maintain the author’s unique voice, and correct grammar (although they cannot guarantee they will catch all grammar mistakes). After reviewing the second round of edits, and making changes as needed/suggested, the author is welcome to resubmit the novel for a final read-through by the content editor.

  1. Copy Editing ($0.025 per word, or $6.25 for 250 words, or approximately 6-8 pages per hour—250 words is one standardized page)

Similar to content editing, the editor will read the entire work, take notes, and make recommendations on plot and character development. They will not deconstruct the novel, but will make the author aware of plot holes and inconsistencies. While doing this, the editor will watch for repetition, flow, and grammar (although they cannot guarantee they will catch all grammar mistakes). After the first round of revisions, the author is welcome to resubmit the novel for a final read-through by the copy editor.

  1. Line Editing ($0.015 per word, or $3.75 for 250 words, or approximately 10-12 pages an hour—250 words is one standardized page)

While this type of editing is less involved than content and copy editing, it is equally important. The editor carefully reads through the document, checking for grammar, repetition, missing words, word choice, and any other mistakes that may have been overlooked during the content and copy editing phases. There is only one read-through for line editing, however, the author may resubmit the work to ensure all comments and editing marks have been removed from the digital file.

Please note, should the editor find the work is in need of content or copy editing while performing line edits, they will contact the author with a quote for the proposed service. If the author refuses the quote, the author will be charged for the work completed, and editing of the project will cease.

MRP Promise:

We promise that during each phase of editing, we will do our best to help the author maintain their unique voice. Our goal is to help authors grow, encourage their talents, and provide them with comprehensive editing services. Each editing service includes basic formatting for digital publication (ePub suitable for upload to KDP, Kobo, iTunes and other publishing distributors). Other formatting services are also available.

For more information, or quote, or services you don’t see listed, please email

Manuscript Review

Do you think you’re ready to publish?

Whether self-publishing, or submitting to agents and publishers, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion on your work. We often receive review requests from aspiring authors, and while we’d love to provide a free service, a proper critique takes time and resources.

Rather than turn you away, we’ve developed a program to provide feedback to authors so they can make their decisions knowing they have received unbiased, professional opinions.

MRP editors will review up to 5,000 words of your manuscript for $50. The critique will include suggestions for improving:

  1. voice (is the voice clear and unique?)
  2. style (is the writing style suitable for the genre and age category)
  3. point of view (which POV is used, and is it effective?)
  4. description (is it creative, vivid, or does it use clichés and common tropes?)
  5. overall flow (is the flow of the writing smooth and accessible for the genre?)
  6. dialogue (is it realistic? Does it suit the time period, genre, and age of characters?)
  7. grammar

Should you decide to implement any of the suggested changes, we are happy to take a second look at the same 5,000-word excerpt for an additional $20. The second review will include:

  1. a critique of whether or not the suggestions have been implemented appropriately
  2. further suggestions for improvement, should they be needed.

For this Second Look, you may not submit a different 5,000-word except for review—it must be the original 5,000 words (with appropriate changes).

To give you the best review possible, MRP requires the following information:

  1. Total word count of the manuscript
  2. Genre
  3. Intended age group
  4. Target audience
  5. One or two sentences to set the scene for the 5,000-word excerpt. A synopsis isn’t necessary; just give us an idea of where we are in the story.

Within one business day of receiving your Review request, you’ll receive a confirmation email with steps on how to make a payment. Within five business days of payment received, we’ll send you your review.

Example of a First Review Request (Please feel free to copy and paste into the body of an email, changing where appropriate):


I have a 120,000-word manuscript that fits into the paranormal romance genre. It is geared towards young adult girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

This 5,000-word excerpt takes place in the first third of the novel, shortly after Natasha discovers her boyfriend has abnormally large incisors.

<insert the excerpt here>

Example of a Second Look Request (Please feel free to copy and paste into the body of an email, changing where appropriate):


Thank you for my first review. I have made many of the suggested changes to my 120,000-word manuscript.

Here is the revised 5,000-word excerpt that still takes place in the first third of the novel, shortly after Natasha discovers her boyfriend has abnormally large incisors.

<insert the revised excerpt here>

Please contact us at with either “First Review Request” or “Second Look Request” in the subject line, followed by the appropriate email as per the above examples.

Presenting a professionally formatted book, whether it be for digital or print publication, is important. Your audience wants to enjoy the entire reading experience, and an improperly formatted work will detract from their enjoyment.

Digital Formatting

Yes—you absolutely can upload an MS Word (or equivalent) document to KDP that will successfully be converted into a mobi file. It will be readable and many readers won’t complain. However, to give your work the polish and professionalism it deserves, a properly formatted ePub will enhance your readers’ experience and be accepted on more platforms.

Our ePubs are suitable for uploading to KDP, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and most other self-publishing platforms. If you’d like a Smashwords-friendly version, we can create that, too.

Formatting fees are as follows:

$150 CDN—up to 60,000 words:

  1. Table of contents navigation
  2. Embedded cover, ePub only (this does not include cover design)
  3. One image (provided by author)
  4. Hyperlink to two sources
  5. Chapter and section breaks

If the work is longer than 60,000 words or requires the addition of images, text dividers, charts, or other embedded objects (including hyperlinks), we will provide a quote based on your needs.

Please email with details for a quote.

Print Formatting

As with digital publishing, you can create the print file using MS Word or a compatible word processor, however, word processors don’t allow for correcting subtle nuances that give your work a polished and professional look. Our high-quality print PDF files are suitable for uploading to all print-on-demand (POD) services.

Print formatting fees are as follows:

$200 CDN—up to 60,000 words:

  1. Pages: title, table of contents, acknowledgements, dedication, and author bio
  2. Table of contents if required
  3. Book size of your choice (6 x 9 inches, 5 x 8 inches, etc.)
  4. Font and font size of your choice
  5. Text dividers (provided by author)
  6. Page numbers
  7. Headers and footers if required
  8. Attention to orphans, margins, paragraph flow, and pagination

If the work is longer than 60,000 words or requires the addition of images, text dividers, charts, or other specialty items, we will provide a quote based on your needs.

We also provide formatting for children’s picture books, however pricing will depend on the details of the work.

Please email with your details for a quote.

The cover of each book needs to be as unique as its interior and creator. Before your audience reads your words, they study your cover, looking for intrigue, interest, and a reason to invest their time in it.

Our cover design service is flexible, and we cater to your specific needs. Our designer can manipulate stock photography, create custom artwork, or generate 3D images to reflect the content of your work.

Since each project encompasses different needs, it’s always best to email with your wish list, and a designer will offer a quote.

Our base price for cover design is $250 CDN and includes:

  1. eBook and print wrap covers
  2. Up to four stock photos and image manipulation
  3. Three cover concepts
  4. Unlimited revisions

Our Team

Meet the ladies behind Morning Rain Publishing. We're ready to make you shine.

Jaclyn Brown
Acquisitions Editor / Website Manager
B.Sc., Honours Science, University of Waterloo

Jaclyn’s experience as a business analyst brings organization, continuity, and integrity to the Morning Rain Publishing team. As Acquisitions Editor, she is the first to screen, review, and accept short stories, novellas, and novels for publication.

Since MRP’s inception, she has considered over 200 titles, tracked all submissions, and responded to each author. She also provides content, copy, and line editing services, ensuring all MRP titles are released with the attention to detail they deserve.

In addition to her editing responsibilities, Jaclyn maintains the MRP website, including frequent blog updates, product catalogs, and SEO content.

To keep her editing and writing careers separated, she writes under the pen name Jaclyn Aurore. Her publications include The Starsville Saga (Starting Over, Standing Up), Letters and Illusions, My Life Without Me, and Britney Fairweather’s Tall Tales.

Joanne Kasunic
Art Director / Graphic Artist
B.Env.Sc., Honours Geography, University of Waterloo

Joanne is Morning Rain Publishing’s in-house Art Director & Graphic Artist. Her responsibilities include designing book covers, creating promotional images, and formatting digital and print publications.

She has spent over 20 years perfecting her skills with Adobe Creative Cloud software, 3D Studio Max, DAZ 3D, and Microsoft Office, giving MRP the edge in unique, creative design.

In addition to over 40 book covers commissioned by MRP, Joanne has freelance book covers available through Self-Pub Book Covers and 3D illustrations listed on Shutterstock and Dreamstime stock photo websites. During her career, she has created flyers, graphics, online advertising in the form of animated graphics and social networking images.

Joanne delivers professional, eye-catching images specific to each author’s needs.

Jennifer Jaquith
Content Editor / Publisher
B.A., Honours English, University of Western Ontario

As the primary Copy and Content Editor for Morning Rain Publishing, Jennifer has reviewed and analysed over 200 manuscripts and provided skilled edits for over 30 works. With previous work experience as a technical writer and copywriter, Jennifer is proficient at editing fiction, non-fiction and creative non-fiction pieces.

In addition to MRP titles, she has worked on the best-selling novels of Heather Grace Stewart: Strangely, Incredibly Good, Remarkably Great, and The Ticket along with Claire Handscombe’s Walk with Us: How The West Wing Changed Our Lives.

Jennifer is also the author of three women’s fiction novels (Newvember, Reflections, and Money, Masks & Madness), two romantic short stories (Under the Stars and Seven Seconds), and a YA fantasy series (Liminal Lights and Shadow Shifts).

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