AliceTwoIt took some time, some creativity, and a lot of reader-input, but we have a title for the sequel to Alice of the Rocks!

If you love time travel, adventure, romance, and elegant writing, then these books are for you. Born in 1512, but raised in 2029, Alice’s life anything but average. After discovering the unusual circumstances of her birth, she is transported back in time to save her soul mate from persecution.

Unfortunately, after Claudio and Alice meet with success, she is forced to return to her rightful place in time. Within weeks of her return, Alice feels compelled to research Claudio’s history. To her dismay, she discovers his future is even more bleak than the first time she travelled to 1512.

Without hesitating, she sets off to rescue her love in the hopes of being reunited with him forever. Theirs is a love that transcends time, space, and conflict.

Thanks to reader input, we have the perfect title for the second book of this two-part series. Watch for Alice – Angel of Time to appear on your virtual bookshelf in the summer of 2016!

The title was submitted by Mary Graziano, and chosen by you, the fans of E. Graziani’s writing.

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