This is a guest post by Paul Jaquith, one of four very special boys belonging to our very own Jennifer Jaquith, Content Editor and Publisher for Morning Rain Publishing. When asked to describe what his day was like after spending it with his mom, here’s what the 14-year-old had to say:

Today, for “Take Your Kid to Work”, day I decided to spend it with my mother; I already knew what she did because I see her work every day. This is because she works at home, but today I got to see the work that has to be done for her to write and publish books. She does this with her company, Morning Rain Publishing.

It takes a lot more work to write and publish a book than most people would believe. The creativity and imagination it takes to write a book is incredible.

My mother started as an independent, self-published author, so she had to do a lot of the work herself. It took her thirty days to write her first book, but two years to edit and publish it.

Spending The Day With Mom

Today, she taught me to track Submissions, assign ISBNs, create social media marketing graphics, and how to make a nice coffee.

To track Submissions I needed to document everything about the book and the steps needed to approve them to publish. It makes everything much more organised, and if anyone wants to know where a book is in the process, they have it.

An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number, which is part of a database for the government of Canada. Social marketing is advertising off of social media, like Twitter and Facebook, which I think is very interesting because in our day and age, social media contributes more to how our brains think than anything else.

She also explained how her company and partners review and decide what books they should publish.

I also did graphic arts by using a program to make a Facebook banner and the picture at the top of this blog post. Today, I had a lot of fun and learned a ton about what my mother does.


About Paul Jaquith

Paul Jaquith lives with his parents, three brothers, and Panda, the family dog who looks like a cow.

When he isn’t in school, he can be found playing hockey, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

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