Stack of  paperIn a post earlier this year, we mentioned all the things that we have accomplished in the year that we’ve been Morning Rain Publishing.

In light of all those achievements and our busy publishing schedule, we let the ball drop on our submissions.

When we started this company, we made it our mission to read (not skim) every query, synopsis, and manuscript sample that was sent our way. We felt that if a person took the time to reach out to us, knowing that we were both new and small, we could, in turn, offer them the same respect.

Not only do we read every submission that comes into our mailbox (both real and virtual), we reply with a personal response chock full of feedback. It’s important to us that the author knows exactly what we liked and disliked about their work.

But this takes time. Lots of time.

Reading submissions is, by far, the best part of the job. We look forward to reading them all, so please bear with us as we slug through our ever-growing pile.

We do make sure to update our submission guidelines (see the bottom of the page) with the date we are up to in the queue, replying to each in the order we receive them.

So if you’ve already submitted something to us and have yet to receive a response, please just hang tight. We will get to it!

If you haven’t submitted but are thinking about it, don’t let our backlog hold you back. We’ll catch up eventually and are always accepting new stories.

In spite of our crazy high stack of submissions, we’re actually excited to have this pile grow. We’ll be calling out for more soon, so have your pens and keyboards ready!

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