What MRP Learned at the Digital Book World Conference

Last week we attended the Digital Book World Conference in New York City. Discussions included everything from the newest technology, to marketing, to sales strategies. Some of the statistics about who reads digital material were alarming.

  • Approximately 40% of teens do not read for fun, and when they do read, they prefer their books to be in print.
  • Toddlers and tweens are the most likely to read digital material, probably because of the interactive possibilities, and adults have easily made the switch from paper to digital.

Canada may be lagging behind when it comes to the e-book world, but we’re working hard to catch up, and MRP plans to play a big role in that process.

Going beyond content and well-known authors, publishers need to strive to be appealing, especially when self-publishing is on the rise. Simply providing editorial or distribution services is no longer enough. There is so much available content; we need to find innovative ways to stand out to both readers and authors.

While we might be in an age of digital publishing and virtual relationships, MRP’s business model revels in the personal touch.

We work closely with each of our authors, helping them to find their “voice”, and insist they be part of the publication process. Whether it’s involvement in cover creation or marketing strategies, we value input from our authors and readers, and encourage both to participate in our growing business.

MRP in New York

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