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It’s day six of The Legend Series Blog Tour, and our graphic designer and awesome cover creator is talking about how the she came up with the concept for The Legend Returns, book two of the series.

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Day seven’s stop will be at Jennifer Bogart’s blog and will showcase her editor’s review.

Who is the Legend?

The day Jennifer Bogart, editor at Morning Rain Publishing, presented me with the creative brief for the ebook covers for The Legend series by Lockie Young, the conversation went something like this:

Jennifer: “I need you to create a Dragon-like creature that is the size of a cow.”

Jo: “A cow?”

Jennifer: “Yes. A cow. Oh, and don’t put wings on him as he is a swimmer. And he lives underground. No place for flying.”

Jo: “Ok… so let me get this straight. You need me to help create an ebook cover that features a Dragon-like creature that is about the size of a cow, has no wings, and prefers to swim in the water.”

Jennifer: “Yep.”

Well how am I going to that? DAZStudio to the rescue!

DAZStudio is this really amazing software that allows the customization, posing, and rendering of 3D models.

I purchased the DAZ Dragon and proceeded to create the Dragon-like cow-sized creature that we needed for the covers. I was able to turn off the wings on the model, make the creature the same size as a cow, but keep all the cool horns, scales, and teeth of a regular Dragon.

The program has so many models that can be used for creating book covers that the possibilities are endless.

Once I was happy with the customization of my basic model, I tried him out in various backgrounds in Photoshop. Some of the initial designs can be seen below.

Legend designs

The more I worked on the Dragon model, the more we felt he needed to have horns, and more scales. Adding these elements was so easy using the DazStudio software.

Within a few clicks, and a save out to Photoshop, I was able to finally come up with a great “cow-sized Dragon that works well as our Legend.


We also decided that the last layout from the initial designs was going to work the best.

We wanted to show the two boys at play on the shores of the ocean. The key was to have one of the boys notice the Legend, while the other one contined to muck about.

I was able to source a great photo of the two boys, but the background quite right. In order to fix that, I sourced an ocean picture, merged the Legend picture with the ocean, and then overlayed the picture of the boys.

This gave us the final cover.

Legend Returns

It’s fun to be able to use 3D models to enhance our covers, and I know that in the future we will be sure to be using DazStudio as our method for creating wonderful fantasy creatures.

I wonder what kinds of fantasy creature will be next on my “To Do” list?

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And… here’s that cryptogram puzzle we mentioned earlier… can you guess the message?

Legend puzzle

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Legend prize

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